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Khar is the suburb of Mumbai city with an area of 80 km sq. As it is near Mumbai the people have adopted a modern lifestyle like Mumbai. The people who cannot afford a residence in Mumbai buy property at Khar. Khar escorts run business brilliantly in this area as it has offered good schools, colleges, malls, offices, housing complexes, hospitals, etc. Only because of all the facilities and broad-minded people the business is thriving here. It is one of the very well developed upscale residential areas. The escort practice among men as well as women is normal here. The young men away from home and family completely detached from physical pleasures for a job get frustrated. Hence, they need physical favors from these hired escorts. The married women hire male escorts in Khar Mumbai because their husband doesn’t give them ample time and are so stressed out and busy that their physical relationship gets married. Some young college or unemployed boys please these women in the absence of their husbands. Many male and female escorts realizing the opportunity in Khar have shifted to this place.

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Khar is very beautiful as well as a busy place. People do not sit idle here; they are always busy with something or the other. Just because the population is increasing every day this place is becoming busier. Students, businessmen, working professionals, etc. are coming for a better future. The call girls in Khar have utilized this advantage of increasing population and started their business. These call girls are very well trained and the training made them very professional. The call girls available in Khar are known for getting wild in the bed. They prefer taking the command in the bed which is widely liked by the Indian men. Some call girls are known for giving massages to men or taking a bath with their clients. The calls girls use or rather update themselves every year with some new moves or pleasurable skills to please their customers. There the only motto is to increase the visit frequency of the existing customers and also getting new clients through them.


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The service industry is the most difficult and booming industry in our country. It is very difficult to satisfy all the customers as they need good quality things at a cheap price with variety. This dark industry is also a service industry where escorts are served to the customers for physical pleasures. The escort service Khar Mumbai is very particular with their service. They first read the customer, understand its need, demand, likeness, etc. and then give them options. The call girls are trained with the basic sense of etiquette as none of them are illiterate. They are polite, well dressed, and keep themselves very clean. If they drink with the client then they drink in limits because if she gets drunk she would fail to give pleasure to the client and the name of her escort agency will be soiled.

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Spending a night with the Independent escorts is a dream for every man in our country. These escorts are very pretty. They maintain themselves just like models do. In fact, many models and film stars are into the escort business and they prefer doing it independently. The independent escorts Khar are a very high class and guarantee the satisfaction of any men. Even the foreigners who come to India for tours get satisfied by them. Independent escort in Khar will always remain a dream for the middle-class people because they are extremely expensive to hire. These escorts have a luxurious lifestyle and they can also be seen around rich and powerful men.

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